Somefa LLC is a tech start-up that focuses on home entertainment solutions. Somefa was founded by Christopher C. Russell in 2013.  

Chris was becoming increasingly frustrated with his home entertainment devices. The clutter of devices in his home entertainment cabinet that often left him with a bunch of remotes, a mess of cords, and constantly switching inputs. He decided to build the ultimate all-in-one solution.

Chris worked for 2 years researching and developing a prototype. His first design used budget parts and didn’t solve the problem of an all-in-one device. He vowed never to use budget parts again and researched deeper to find better solutions.

His goal was to create a device that would combine live tv, DVR functionality, streaming media, digital media, and console gaming. This design had to be aesthetically pleasing, quiet, and could fit into just about any home entertainment cabinet. Finally he built that device.

Chris used this device everyday for a year. It was a remarkable experience that surpassed his expectations. He knew that he had to share this with the world. This gave life to Somefa LLC.